Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just a quick one...

It's almost Christmas, and you know what that means!

Well yes, it means that, but it also means it's time to be generous and help out your fellow man! Adopt a child in need! Welcome them into your home with open-

What's that? Too expensive? Well, adopt a kitty! They're running a special down at the SPCA where they don't even charge you for-

Still too expensive? Wow, cheapskate. Ok ok, how about adopting a word! Every year hundreds of words are dropped from the English language. What a great way to help our future generations! And it's free; all you have to do is learn some new vocabulary and use it regularly.

Look how cute they are! Come on, how can you look at those adorable little words and turn a blond eye? You monster.


  1. Well, being a brunette, I could never turn a blond eye.

    I've adopted "sceptriferous" and "pigritude". They might quarrel a bit, but I think I can give them a happy home.

    "The overseer, being strict as well as sceptriferous, did not look kindly on pigritude of any manner." <3 My babies are so beautiful.

  2. Damn it (Janet)! I knew there was going to be at least one typo in there.

    Well, 'blond eye' is strangely accurate, so it's staying. ;)